About Us

The Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded in 2012 and was formed for the purpose of promoting Tappen Park as a viable venue for positive community arts, cultural, and educational programs and events.

Our vision is to promote responsible economic development along the Bay Street Corridor that encourage public and private partnerships through programs and events that will make a positive impact on the businesses, residents, and community assets in Staten Island’s North Shore. Our primary goal as a community-based organization is to identify the challenges that face our community, then create programs and initiatives that include workable solutions to address those needs and challenges.

For the past six years, the Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership has spearheaded several initiatives, programs and events to help spur the economic development of Stapleton and the surrounding communities. Retail Recruitment, Illuminate Stapleton, Celebrate Stapleton, Stapleton Rewards and YouthBuild Staten Island are the organization's current programs and services.

The Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership is the first and only Staten Island organization to take New York City’s 2016 Neighborhood Challenge's top prize of $70,000, for their with their “Illuminate Stapleton” project proposal.  


Making A Difference…

“The Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership has been in the forefront of neighborhood development and change in Staten Island’s North Shore since 2012. Our success as a community-based organization can be attributed to our diverse, working board of directors, and our staff’s insight into the unique challenges that face our local neighborhoods.”

— Kamillah M. Hanks, President and CEO