YouthBuild Staten Island Performs Above Average…


For the last three years, the Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership has led the charge of youth development on Staten Island with its YouthBuild modeled program, Building Urban Innovative Leadership and Development (B.U.I.L.D) Staten Island. Youth B.U.I.L.D Staten Island program provides a pathway for unemployed, low-income youth, ages of 17 -24, an opportunity to reclaim their education, gain the skills they need for employment, and become leaders in rebuilding and shaping their communities. In 2016, the HTPCP created, developed and successfully executed Staten Island's first YouthBuild program and as a result graduated 25 participants with certificates of completion, in which 56% of the graduates received employment opportunities. In its second season (FY2017) B.U.I.L.D Staten Island was able to graduate 38 participants with certifications of completion and had the highest rate of attendance throughout the five boroughs. To date, YouthB.U.I.L.D. Staten Island program is on par with all YouthBuild modeled programs in New York City and still maintains successful measurable results in attendance, certifications, high school equivalency, increased levels in reading and math and post graduation employment. B.U.I.L.D Staten Island is now a Provisional Affiliate of YouthBuild USA.

In an independent evaluation, the YouthB.U.I.L.D. Staten Island has performed well above average and is a vital and necessary component of the economic development of the neighborhoods it serves.

An important aspect of our program model is to give back to our local community by participating in projects that give our students the “hands-on” experience needed to find meaningful employment.

In order to earn a certificate of completion, our students must have at least 50-100 hrs. of community service and complete a hands-on project that satisfies their vocational training requirement. B.U.I.L.D’s participation will help to “pay-it-forward” and maximize our city, state and federal funding by completing projects that benefit the community as a whole.

Our goal is to use our community as a classroom. Building partnerships with federal, state and city agencies can lend a helping hand to projects that would be to cost prohibitive without our participation and resources.



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