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The Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership’s Neighborhood Challenge will address community connectivity and stabilization of Stapleton 10304 by creating a district marketing campaign called, “Illuminate Stapleton”.  The redevelopment of Stapleton, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is raising new concerns within the community. Fear of displacement and gentrification are shared issues amongst our businesses, residents and local artists. The goal of our district marketing project is to connect the old & new by ‘shedding light’ on Stapleton’s existing community assets while strengthening the ties between our commercial business district, residents and its artists.  By drawing in local artistic talent, our projects will brand and illuminate our community by utilizing the neighborhood of Stapleton as our canvas. Along with conceptualizing and hosting these installations, HTCP will create a marketing campaign that will include posters, map/schedule and brochures to promote these temporary public art installations throughout the district's public (parks/streets) & private (vacant/existing businesses) spaces.  The culmination of these installations and exhibits will take place October 9-11, during the Illuminate Stapleton Art & Light Festival taking place through the entire Stapleton 10304 neighborhood.

HTCP is working with Staten Island Arts and Projectivity to coordinate the artist participation in the Illuminate Stapleton project.  Seven (7) awards have been established for artists to apply for funding to create video and photo projections, as well as outdoor light based sculptures.  The details and application for artists to submit can be downloaded below.  Businesses that reside in Stapleton can sign up to participate and host one of the many art installations that will take place.  For any questions, contact



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